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Nashville Nursery and Landscape Supply, 4225 Ashland City Hwy. Nashville, TN 37218 officially came into existence in August 2002 continuing and expanding on a previous nursery and tree farming operation that had been at that site since 1999.  Bob Mills had been General Manager of the previous operation for two years until the property sold and he and his wife Mendy leased the nursery from the owners.

After completing his undergraduate and graduate work in Agronomy at the University of Kentucky, Bob has spent over twenty years involved in various lawn care and landscape ventures in middle Tennessee.  He has managed such companies as ChemLawn, Lesco, GreenSeed Co., and Southern Nurseries before embarking on this adventure.

Several key long term staff members stayed at Nashville Nursery making the transition for our customers very easy.  We strive to provide a quality product and outstanding service while expanding our product lines to become your full service nursery and landscape supply house.

After purchasing the property in 2005 several upgrades and expansions have taken place to improve our ability to service our customers. This will be an ongoing commitment to benefit the community as well as our current and future customers. We are constantly soliciting advice from our customers.  So if you don't see what you want - ask us.

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    Ten Must-Have Plants for Fall

Featured Plant:

Featured Plant: Soft Caress Mahonia
Mahonia eurybracteata
'Soft Caress'

Few plants offer the texture that this provides in the shade garden. In early winter, bright-yellow flowers stand atop the slender, bamboo-like foliage like fingers of light. Perfect for an Asian garden or as a speciman.

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